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Date:  Spring 1998
Location:   Moscow Region, Russia
Time:   1100A
Summary:   The witness was outside his dacha working on his vegetable garden when suddenly out of nowhere a very tall man-like figure wearing a black tight-fitting overall appeared. The witness however felt no fear. After looking at the stranger he heard a telepathic message in the form of a question, “How is your health”? Anything wrong?” The witness answered to the assigned questions and began to attentively scrutinize the facial features of the stranger. They appeared to be normal, human like and well proportioned. Then the black silhouette began to brighten and became transparent and then vanished.
Source:   Vasily Kosinov, “They are among us”

Date:  March 1998
Location:   Las Palmas, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Time:   0500A
Summary:   Felix Polanco had gone to work in a field at a construction site and had boarded the excavating equipment when as he turned the engine on, he saw a short gray thin figure run from behind the machine and quickly disappear into a nearby wooded area. The figure was described as about 3-feet tall, with long thin arms & fingers with a large pear shaped head that ended in a pointy chin. The being did not appear to be wearing any clothing and was totally gray in color & smooth.
Source:    Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 17

Date:  March 1998
Location. Gurzuf, near Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: March 1998
Time: 0900A-1000A
The main witness, a local female resident and accountant was in a bus together with several other passengers on their way to the bank in the town of Yalta when she noticed that as the bus passed under a high bridge overpass near the river and before turning into the highway, there was a strange object or “construction” nearby on the slope of the road (this in midday in the presence of dozens of witnesses). The weird “building” or structure was bizarre in nature, rhomb-shaped, seemingly made out of rusty metal. The structure itself consisted of several interconnected triangle-shaped surfaces. Near the weird building she saw three tall men apparently doing something near the structure. It appeared that the three men were very “worried” about something and were in much of a hurry. All three were dressed in tight-fitting black suits resembling those of diver suits. In appearance they were pleasant looking, very tall, about 1.9 to 2.0 meters, their faces resembled that of normal men, though the witness had very little time to observe other details. The most amazing detail of all was that the rest of the passengers on the bus (about 15-20) as well as the driver, absolutely did not pay any attention to the strange structure of the 3 tall men on the side of the road, and when the bus passed by none of the other passengers commented or talked about it. The rest of the passengers appeared to have been under some kind of hypnotic control. At first she thought that the men had been only just common workers but on her way back from Yalta she stopped at the location where she had seen the strange building and the men and was surprised that the place was now “empty”. The witness added that both her and her husband had seen UFOs previously.
Source: Dr. Anton A. Anfalov direct from witness

Date:  March 1998
Location:   Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Time:    late night
Summary:   The witness was sleeping together with her young daughter when she suddenly woke up and looked to her right to see a little figure standing by the bed. The figure was approximately the size of a ten-year old child, little silver star-like lights emanated from it. The witness slid to the end of the end, towards where her daughter was, then something made her look around. She noticed that the figure was not moving from one spot to another, but there were 3 of them. The witness gazed back to the one closest to her daughter and felt a sense of love emanating from the short humanoid and suddenly was not afraid any more. Then she woke her daughter and the three figures disappeared. Late on in July the witness had gone to visit an uncle in Cambridge Ontario and again woke up one night to see an identical figure in the bedroom, sliding towards her and in an apparent panic communicating telepathically to her, “Where is she?” The witness thought it as strange that the “aliens” did not know where her daughter was (apparently the person they were asking for). She began to feel fear and screamed, the figure then disappeared, along with two other figures she had now noticed in the room.
Source:   Mystical Universe, Unexplained

Date: March 4, 1998: Nocturnal light with light beam

Date:  March 4 1998
Location:   Near Voronezh, Russia
Time:   night
Summary:   According to local communication and media local inhabitants observed the fall of an unknown object trailing a plume of smoke. It apparently crashed in the area of Arkchangelsk & Bershev. A large-scale search and rescue operation was launched involving several police and government units. A crashed UFO and dead humanoids were reportedly found and transported to a secure area.
Source:   Anton Anfalov quoting media sources

Date: March 6 1998
Location: Southampton Hampshire England
Time: 23:55
Summary: we had been out and on the way home (because we had to be home by 12;00) and the sky lit up and a purple and brown shape appeared it was like a demented square shape, then it flashed and changed into a triangle before becoming an orange blob it made a “mmmeep, mmeeep ” sound iven above
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 7 1998
Location: South Abaco Bahamas
Time: 16:46
Summary: Two very bright white lights with blue cone shaped contrails approached from northeast, turned south, and then appeared to depart ionosphere heading east. 
I stepped outside to water a plant and looked up into a clear and starlit eastern sky. Two very bright white lights appeared to be coming toward me from northeast, like landing lights but in space. Both turned in formation and headed south, apparently entering ionosphere where a bright light blue aura appeared in front and broad badminton birdie shaped cone of blue appeared behind each. I shouted to others to come outside and bring videocamera. My thoughts were that these objects looked like Hale Bopp and might be comets; but, they slowed down upon apparently entering ionosphere and maneuvered in loose formation. Four other people came outside and observed the objects as I videotaped them moving south in the eastern sky and then turn to the east and apparently depart the ionosphere again. I zoomed video out to get exact ground reference point so that celestial geometry could be figured. The next morning I calibrated video camera clock with GPS time. I later talked with observers 21 miles away and 50 miles away who saw similar objects around same time. The videotape is digital and quite good. Today I read your web page accounts and agree with most descriptions of objects orientation and behavior, except that the objects I observed definitely came from northeast, turned south, and then apparently left ionosphere heading east. This does not seem to be typical ICBM behavior. It is of note that the brightest aspect of the objects was on the leading edge, and illumination was much less in rear view. This is also not typical ICBM illumination pattern, which is brightest in stern view. I am former US Navy pilot and have seen numerous missile launches.

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  March 1998
Location. Rho, Lombardy, Italy
Date: March 8 1998
Time: afternoon
A farmer saw a white object in the shape of an upside down pear hovering above a field. He called his wife and both watched the object for about half an hour. During the episode a hatch slid open and an occupant emerged. He was described as only about 40 inches tall, with two huge black eyes. The being floated in the air close to the object for about 10 minutes, then re-entered the object which suddenly rose vertically and left at high speed.
Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 13

Date: March 13 1998
Location: Zoetermeer Netherlands
Time: 21:00
Summary: I was looking through the window of my bedroom, watching the plains that flew by in the night. Suddenly I saw a bright orange light that was floating behind a row of trees. While I was looking at it it began to accelerate till I lost sight of it. I don’t now what it was, but it was certainly no normal plane. 
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 13 1998
Location: Moree, Australia
Time: 04:00
Summary: It was 4am and from our farm we could clearly see a bright, glowing object. I got out the video camera and zoomed right in on the object and to our amazement it showed a glowing sphere with symmetrical markings on it. It was like nothing we had seen before! But it’s all on tape now!
We live on a farm on the eastern side of Australia with a great, unobstructed view of the night sky. It was clear summer night with a full moon out. My brother and his girlfriend woke me to look at a large glowing object they had noticed looking out through their bedroom window in the lower eastern part of the night sky. It looked like a normal glowing star but much, much brighter and larger. I laughed saying it was a helicopter or something but they assured me that it had been there for a while. So I went and got my video camera and proceeded to film it. The object looked like a huge glowing ball but when I zoomed in on it you could see a huge sphere like object that was a light cream/grey color with symmetrical patterns on it. This instantly shocked us. You could not see the patterns with your naked eye or even with binoculars, as we tried, but using the zoom on the video camera (it’s one of the latest model camera’s with a great zoom) was totally amazing, you could see it very well. I kept filming the object and it would glow brightly (white) with green around the edges, then change to red around the edges, then the glowing would subside and the camera was able to pick up the sphere with the patterns on it again. The sphere also moved in and out on the camera screen getting larger and smaller as I stayed still on it. We don’t know what it was, but were totally amazed by it! I filmed it for about 40 minutes and it was still there so we went back to bed as I acquired enough footage of it!

Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  March 15 1998
Location:   Carpentersville, IL
Time:   3:00AM
Summary:   I don’t know exactly how to describe what’s happening to me but I know that I need help. There is something that is attached to me and it is not human. It (or they?) has been attached to me since I can remember. As I get older it is getting more and more aggressive. I wake up with very large bruises and welts consistently often in geometric shapes or patterns, this is not my concern though. My concern lies for those around me. People are beginning to notice unexplained bruising, scratches, night those errors, rashes, and ultimately becoming violently sick in my presence. I’ve had instances where physical harm was done to those around me, such as being pushed on stairs or having doors slam on them. It comes and goes in long periods, but once it has made its presence known and it knows I know it’s there, things get bad. I have many witnesses to attest to this, and at one point physical proof (all I can provide now is photographs). I had a very large non-human hand print burned into my bedroom door at my old house followed by another one, exactly the same burned into the wall next to my headboard. Both the door and the wall had to be sanded down. I went as far as to ask for help from the Catholic Church, they wouldn’t even pray with me and seemed disturbed by my presence instantly. This thing has never made me feel personally threatened until recently. I found my picture of my family and I from when I was a baby fallen from my mirror and laying face down on my dresser. When I picked it up to put it back assuming it was a draft or the wind, I discovered that my face had been scratched out. I asked everyone in my family (grandparents, my mother and uncle) if it was them and they had no idea what I was talking about until I showed them. I am terrified to sleep at night, because I go into these fits of convulsions and screaming that are difficult to wake me up from and calculated sleep walking, neither of which I have any remembrance of afterwards. And by calculated sleep walking, I mean unlocking doors, undoing restrains to keep me from leaving my bed, and most concerning is leaving my home. I also went to a psychologist to talk about this problem in hopes that they would tell me that I am crazy but to my disappointment I was told in fact that I am completely in my right mind and that what is happening to me is very real. I have had a government based opinion(s) on the matter as well, those details old have to be discussed exclusively in person. Please contact me as soon as possible, even if you can’t help me.
Source:   MUFON CMS

Date: March  15 1998
Location: Anchorage, AK
Time: 20:30
Summary: Driving home after daughters birthday, noticed light ascending from over top of mountain range. Stopped to watch, for it emitted great light. Driving west bound away from mountains, but at an angle where mountains were seen from car.I had just dropped my daughter off at her Mother’s house. Went to turn onto road, noticed bright light and thought a car had come around my side from blind spot. Slowed the vehicle and stopped only to realize that the lights were coming from over the hill. There were two of them and judging by the shape of the hills, these objects were fairly far apart, because they both sat over two seperate hilltops. They seemed to travel in an upward motion, building speed as they went. One broke away from its’ original coarse only to return to its’ original position in a split second. Both objects ran upward only to come back down right above the hilltop. they did this a few times before they went back down behind the hills. They changed colors as they went higher into the sky only to be more defining in shape. when close to the hilltop, the objects seemed more orange and yellow and where shaped like an ice cream cone, but as they got higher the color changed to a more blue and the shape was definitely oval and pulsed as it moved. My nephew thought it might be a military exercise, because we have a air force base right out of town, but I told him I did not think so, the military doesn’t ever fly over housing areas, there were houses up on the hill, then we both were also confused because of the speed the objects were moving, then just coming to a dead stop after moving so fast so quickly> They seemed to be defying normal gravity. I looked in the newspaper to see if any training was going on and nothing was found. I did see an articled in the paper about two weeks later , with reports of strange lights and sounds coming from the hilltop area with lots of people reporting similar things that I saw.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

ufo_139Date: March 20 1998
Location: Funchal Madeira
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 23 1998
Location: Lichfield, Staffordshire, England
Time: 18:45
Summary: Golden cigar tail fin, motionless in sky, high elevation, sudden brilliant flash of light preceding total disappearance. Viewed from car travelling east towards Lichfield U.K. 
Car travelling eastwards towards Lichfield U.K. about 18.45 GMT night had fallen. An elongated golden cigar shaped object with distinct tail fin was seen motionless at quite a high elevation out of front windscreen. Object appeared to witness to be about 5 inches long and at some distance away. Witness drove on keeping object in view ahead of her. After about 2 minutes there was a very bright flash of light like localized lightening and the object completely vanished.

Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 28 1998
Location: Thuringen, Germany
Time: night
Summary: The witness, not knowing how, suddenly found himself sitting on a comfortable chair or couch. The room was extremely illuminated and as he looked up he saw six strange figures looking down on him. He could only see the facial features of one of the creatures, which appeared “dwarf-like” it appeared to have normal eyes, ears, nose and neck. The back of its head appeared to have a large curved bump-like protrusion. The couch appeared to be free-floating on the floor in front of a large screen display. It showed what appeared to be a space scene with the highest quality colors he had ever seen. Linguistic communication with the humanoids was made with a kind of “language computer” the voice was clearly understandable, slow and in flowing German. The figures left the room and the witness was left alone to ask questions. On the screen there appeared a view of the solar system. He was shown what appeared to be a huge floating space station around the moon and numerous small flying objects. He was instructed to push several buttons, which enable him to hear detailed technical explanations. The aliens told the witness that they came from a planet (name not understood), which could be probably be seen by the humans with today’s radio telescopes, however it was millions of light years away. They pointed out however that distance was insignificant for them since they use “9 dimensions” to travel. They also mentioned that there were countless of inhabited planets with intelligent life in the universe. He was told that many of the alien’s races were genetically mixed with humans. The whole time there he saw free floating images of what appeared to be sites in ancient temples in South America during festive periods, which appeared to be 7,000 years before Christ. He also saw ancient locomotive engines, circa 1890. However he was not shown future images. Soon he was submitted to different physical examinations. Soon he was suffering from a terrific headache and at that point a figure wearing a tight-fitting dark green coverall approached him. It had extremely thin legs, large lash-less staring eyes; it was totally silent and emotionless. The witness was given a type of pill in a spoon; within minutes the headache was gone. Soon after that he was apparently shown what appeared to have been a hologram, which displayed 3-dimensional images off the human body. A round black hole appeared in which the witness inserted his hand, as he did the image of the hand seemed to divide itself into 9 separate images. After that, still in front of the white wall, an image of larger dark hole was shown, in which the light appeared to be absorbed. Soon three-dimensional images of what appeared to be a computer screen with instructions in English appeared in front of the white wall. Feeling very exhausted the witness was given additional pills. Many of the formulas displayed on the white wall were unintelligible and he could not understand many of it. He was apparently shown formulas and images having to do with gravity and anti-gravity devices. He was eventually released by the aliens into his bedroom.
Source:  Greyhunter UFO site, Germany

Date:  March 1998

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